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Fun and adventure for young and old:
With the Swiss-O-Finder you can explore your region anew, see familiar things anew and rediscover familiar paths while running.

With a map you complete a given distance. Whether short or long, in the forest or in the city - you have the choice. On your way, you'll pass various posts. You can acknowledge them and - if you feel like it - also stop your time. You can experience the Swiss-O-Finder all over Switzerland.

In order to complete a Swiss-O-Finder route, you need the relevant route map and you must choose an acknowledgement variant. To confirm the items, you can either use the Swiss-O-Finder app or write down the letter combinations noted on the control posts and then check them on the results page.

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With the Swiss-O-Finder you can move in the fresh air and have fun with it.


Finding the right way is not always easy. The Swiss-O-Finder strengthens your sense of orientation.

Swiss-O-Finder Materials

The checkpoints are the targets of your run. You must visit all posts in the order they appear on the map. For this you either scan the code with the app or write down the letter combination.

control posts
Control Points

The map shows you a picture of your running environment. The individual symbol explanations can be found in the legend. Your course is marked on the map. You start from the triangle and run the checkpoints one after the other until you reach the double circle.

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